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Our company acquires commercial real estate with a Human Centered approach.

Innovative targeted acquisitions

Investment APTM is a Human Centered company, based in Montreal, Quebec, that puts people first. We specialize in commercial real estate acquisition and optimizing your business results through innovation in an ever-changing environment.

The commercial real estate of tomorrow...
Innovation, Sustainability, Adaptation

Property management / Asset management

APTM Investment focuses on the acquisition of high-quality, income-generating commercial real estate, with an emphasis on value-creating opportunities. We seek investments through acquisitions, joint ventures and sale-leaseback opportunities covering multiple markets, asset classes and geographies across Canada.

Ali Tajdin


A leader with over 15 years' experience, having successfully navigated through various industries. An expert in adapting best practices between different sectors, he has developed a versatile and innovative expertise. With a deep understanding of commercial property acquisition, this expert strategically identifies and negotiates lucrative deals, leveraging his expertise to drive sustainable growth.

Melissa Pereira


A seasoned businesswoman with over 20 years of experience in leadership across diverse industries, she's renowned for her adaptability and innovation. Her capacity to transcend industrial boundaries underscores her prowess in driving adoption and leading change initiatives with finesse, shaping her into a dynamic force in the business world.

How to find us

Melissa Pereira

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